Workouts to Increase Vertical Jump

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If your source of income is through playing sports as an athlete, then you must always stay in shape. You need to continuously improve your vertical jump to go further with your career. With an excellent vertical leap that surpasses your earlier measurements, you can definitely see a brighter future for your career as an athlete. The best way to promote an exceptional sports career is to engage in workouts to increase vertical jump. However, before you can indulge in any workout, you must be clear about what a vertical jump is.

What is a vertical jump?

A vertical jump is also known as a vertical leap, as well as a Sargent jump. It is the process of jumping vertically up in the air in trying to exercise or perform magnificently in sports. Many times, a vertical jump is used as a customary test to check the capability of an athlete. This is especially true in the game of basketball. In order to perform vertical jumps better, you need to know that there are two kinds of this act:

  • Running vertical jump – this type is executed after a run has been made, and the last step is used to do a vertical run. Running before jumping allows you to gain extra energy and momentum in your jump, and it leads to good results.
  • Standing vertical jump – this kind of vertical jump is achieved without taking any steps. From a standstill position, you would need to crouch and jump into the air.

In the field of sports, a vertical jump is used to measure the anaerobic capability and muscular strength of the athletes. It is often utilized in the sports of basketball, high jump, gymnastics, volleyball, and netball. Athletes are measured by having them perform the vertical jump in line with the physical examinations.

Ideal workouts to improve vertical jump

The fitness and the wellness industry has many available workouts to keep your body fit and healthy. But when you are dealing with a vertical jump improvement, there are specific workouts that can help you achieve your goal.


Engaging in calisthenics regularly helps improve your vertical jump, especially when you focus on exercises that target your muscles and legs. Calisthenics workouts such as sit-ups, push-ups, lunges, stretching, calf raises exercises, deep squats, standing on one leg, and jumping jacks do not need any tools or equipment to complete.


The plyometric workout is an excellent method of strengthening the muscles on your legs. This kind of workout utilizes extreme force to build the strong point of your legs. Regular plyometric workout gives your body the power and strength it needs to perfect the vertical jump. However, you must not overdo this type of workout. Do this two times in a week only, with days in between the schedule. And when you are not doing this exercise, you can engage in weight lifting, cardio, and calisthenics.

Plyometric workouts includes knee-to-feet jumps, jump squats, Bulgarian split squats, box jumps, and jump rope.

Weight training

Weight training considerably helps in building strong leg muscles to enhance your vertical jump. Workouts under this category involve bar deadlifts, single-arm dumbbell snatches, and weighted squats.


Yoga is not a strength training workout, but it is highly beneficial for your vertical leap improvement. When you engage in yoga, you find inner peace and balance in your body, emotions, mind, and spirit. You gain clarity especially when you combine yoga and meditation. With a clear mind, overall balance, and fluidity, your vertical jump is dramatically improved.


Pilates is a fitness workout that focuses on strengthening your core muscles. It may not be for your leg muscles, but Pilates is important because, without stability in your core, you won’t find any improvement in your vertical jump. Perform the main workouts for your vertical leap regularly, but engage in Pilates as well so you can have strong legs and core at the same time.

Tips to improve your vertical leap

Improving your vertical leap is not an easy task, but it gets easier with practice. Let us look at some important tips to help you carry out an extraordinary vertical jump when needed.

  • Stay focused on your goal. Eliminate any distractions from your life and mind that can restrict you from reaching greater success in your career through a vertical jump.
  • Get rid of your muscle knows or what is commonly called as “trigger points” in order to allow your muscle to grow seamlessly. To ease your sore and knotted muscles, maximize a foam roller on your legs and other parts of your body. Run the roller gently on your tender spots until you can feel your muscles relax.
  • Going on a mindfulness retreat can help you do maximum calm and relaxation in your whole system. When you have a deep-seated calmness in performing a vertical jump, you will notice how easy it is to do the task.
  • While doing the vertical leap, try to imagine your favorite basketball player as he reached out into the air to dunk the ball. Visualization helps you to come closer to your imagination.
  • Avoid alcohol and prohibited drugs since both can no doubt cloud your judgment. If you intentionally bring harmful toxins into your body, you are jeopardizing your vertical leap.
  • Good night sleep is always a great method to do an exceptional vertical jump. Before your scheduled game or measurement, make sure that you sleep at least eight hours.

Final Words

A vertical jump is a crucial measurement method for athletes. And you need to improve your leap so your career will rise as well. Do not limit yourself to one or two workouts to enhance your vertical jump. Alternate your workouts and never miss out on your schedule. Remember that the development and advancement of your craft take time to achieve. You have the power and resources to be the best that you can be in the sports industry. Just believe. recommends Adam Folker's Vert Shock System to help you jump higher. Add 15 inches to your vertical jump now. Buy with confidence with their 90 day Money Back Guarantee!

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