What makes you jump higher?

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Have you ever thought about how basketball players can jump so high and the science behind it? There could be many ways by which you can jump higher than usual but as long as you do not learn the basic principle of leaping you cannot make any improvement in it. Overall health and fitness are mandatory for higher jumps. Exercise is the first step towards a higher jump. A regular workout can help you get a fit and a healthy body. The body plays an important role in increasing your jump. If your body is not healthy and fit, difficulties will welcome you. For people who wish to increase their jumps should focus on a number of skills. The main skills that need improvement is:

These skills cannot be injected in the body but training can work wonders. It is not easy to increase your vertical leap but it is not impossible either.

What makes you jump higher? Anyone who is interested to know this, please keep reading. There are some basic rules that can help you understand the science behind jumps easily.


You will not be able to jump higher unless your body has strength. The strength can be increased if the weights are increased while lifting. Determining your strength is easy. The quantity of weight you can lift is the easiest way to determine. The more weight you can lift comfortably, the more strength you have. If you feel a lower strength then you should work on it. But do not rush into anything. Overexertion of the muscles will cause fatigue and worn out muscles are never good for jumping. To increase your strength there are several exercises which you should perform. You can perform deadlift and heavyweight squats. Consistency is the key to success because strength will not come overnight. recommends Adam Folker's Vert Shock System to help you jump higher. Add 15 inches to your vertical jump now. Buy with confidence with their 90 day Money Back Guarantee!

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There is a huge misconception among people that power and strength are similar, but it is not true. There is a vast difference between these two. Power deals with velocity and comes naturally where strength does not. You can work on strength and increase it or enhance it. Also, it does not deal with velocity. You can work on power by lifting comparatively more weight than the weight of your body. You can perform squat jumps.


Velocity is related to the speed at which a jump is being performed. The more the velocity of your jump is the more strength you have, it is just simple as that. Several exercises can help you to increase the velocity of your jumps such as depth jumps, broad jumps, and shock jumps. Velocity plays an important role in making you jump high if a person is not able to jump faster than he would not be able to jump high enough. Velocity is not a difficult science to understand, you just need to implement some basic rules of physics to increase your jump.


Flexibility is one of the important skills you need to learn to increase your jump. Most people think that flexibility does not have any impact on the jump but this is a wrong concept. Flexibility helps to maximize your jump and provides a full range of motion so that you can jump higher. It helps your joints to move freely and aids your muscles to fully coordinate with the bones and other muscles as well. It can be improved by either dynamic or static stretching. Dynamic stretching is performed before the workout so that your muscles can be warmed up whereas static stretching is performed after the workout to prevent any injury. The most common exercise for stretching includes leg swings, squats, standing quad stretch, and lying glute stretch. There is no doubt that flexibility increases your jump and if trained properly it will help you to maximize your performance.

Aerial Awareness

Aerial awareness helps you to avoid any injury. If an athlete has aerial awareness, he can work on the landing spot and the posture for landing as well. In this way, the chances of injury are greatly reduced. The balance of the body is also maintained.

Exercises to make you jump high

You cannot jump high until you train and exercise. If you have acquired basic skills for jumping but you do not train regularly then you will not be able to jump high. It is very necessary to make your muscle strong and a fit and healthy body can help you acquire a maximum vertical jump. This can be done only through training. To increase your leap you need to have strong lower body and core muscles. The following are some of the major exercises which you need to perform regularly. These exercises will not only help you to jump high but they also help build stronger muscles making landing easier.

Barbell Deadlift

Barbell Deadlift is a lower body workout that involves your back muscles. It usually targets your back and helps to make it strong. The only reason why Barbell Deadlift is preferred is that it helps you to prevent any injury during jumping. Also, it burns your fat and improves your cardiovascular health.

Dumbbell Jump Squat

Dumbbell Jump Squat helps you to increase flexibility in your body. Also, it lets you balance your body during the jump. Dumbbell Jump Squat apart from improving flexibility in your body builds your muscles as well.

Box jump

Box jump involves all the major muscles which perform during the jump. It includes glutes, hamstrings, calves, and thighs. It targets your lower body which helps you to increase your jump.

Barbell Good Morning

Barbell Good Morning trains your lower back and involves muscles like glute and hamstring. It makes your upper back strong which will avoid any injury during the jump.


There is no other way besides training which can help you to jump high. You need to grasp the basic skill first and train hard to increase your jump. The above-mentioned exercises will help you to maximize your performance and gradually you will improve the vertical jump. Regularity is the first and most important ability to work on. If you are regular, you can achieve all the goals. recommends Adam Folker's Vert Shock System to help you jump higher. Add 15 inches to your vertical jump now. Buy with confidence with their 90 day Money Back Guarantee!

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