How to Measure a Vertical Jump

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The measurement of your vertical jump is crucial information that many sports organizations are looking at when they hire new athletes. The measurement is also used to contemplate whether or not the athletes are kept in the team or have them replaced. And since this is obviously an important aspect of an athlete’s life, you most likely want to know how to measure a vertical jump. There are different methods to get the exact measurements, but three methods stand out among the rest.

DIY Vertical Jump Measurement

Professional vertical jump measurement equipment is quite expensive, and if you don’t have free access to this kind of device, you can do it on your own. If you are worried about accuracy, just think about it a going back to old school. After all, the vertical measurement tool is based on the manual measurement process. There is no reason why you can’t pull it off.

The process of measurement is simple, with easy to get items. You just need to have access to a tall wall, measuring tape, a small ladder, and chalk. Once you have what you need, follow the simple instructions below:

  • Stand straight beside the wall, with one side directly in contact with the wall.
  • Scribble the chalk at the ends of your fingertips, making sure that they are thick enough to leave an impression on the wall.
  • Keep your feet firmly on the ground. Then using the arm that is near the wall, reach up high as much as you can. And then imprint your hand on your highest reach, leaving chalk markings on the wall.
  • Make the marking on the wall clear by outlining it using chalk.
  • From the same site and body position, jump as high as you can and mark the wall with your hands that have chalk.
  • Perform the jump more than once, at least five times. At this point, you will have different jump reach levels. Choose the highest jump you have made, and mark it clearly. Erase the other shorter jump markings.
  • Now you only have two wall markings left. The lower one is your standing reach, and the second is your jumping reach.
  • Get your tape measure and measure the height of your standing reach from the ground. Get a small ladder and do the same process with your jumping reach.
  • Once you have the measurements, you need to subtract the measurement of your standing reach from your jumping reach. The result is your vertical jump measurement.
  • Another way to measure your vertical jump is to simply measure the distance between your jumping reach and your standing reach.
  • Take note that the measurement should be in inches.

The Vertec method

The most well-known manner of measuring a vertical jump is through the Vertec Vertical Jump Device. Major sports organizations utilize this method to test their current and potential players. The most popular companies using the Vertec are NBA and NFL. The Vertec jump device has the same quality as the flag pole. But this equipment has multiple small horizontal flags (1/2 inches thick each) placed at the top. The tallness of the flags can be adjusted according to your skill level. Here is how the Vertec method works:

  • You have to stand beneath the horizontal flags and execute a vertical leap. Jump as high as you can muster.
  • Once you reach the peak of your jump, touch the flags.
  • Your audience will see clearly the flags that have been touched. And your vertical jump will be measured according to the height of the farthest flag you touched, and your standing reach.

Test Mat for Vertical Jump Measurement

The vertical jump mat is an electronic device that is designed with a special mat. The test mat is connected to aespecial monitoring equipment. This measurement device is equipped with an internal calculator that efficiently computes your air time while jumping, and the height of your leap.

The formulas in physics are used to calculate your vertical jump, which is why there is an electronic calculator embedded in the mat. All you have to do is jump vertically on top of the mat and let the device work its magic.

As soon as the internal component of the vertical jump test mat is done calculating, the handheld monitor attached to the mat shows the result of the test. You will then know what your vertical measurement is.

Measurement info of vertical jump tests

Often, you will be allowed to jump three times and your highest jump is recorded. There are also organizations that will not let you do a second jump, and will use your first and only jump to measure your vertical jump. Let us take a look at the average vertical leap measurement for both genders.

  • Excellent – over 28” for men, over 24” for women
  • Very good – 24”-28” for men, 20”-24” for women
  • Above average – 20”-24” for men, 16”-20” for women
  • Average – 16”-20” for men, 12”-16” for women
  • Below average – 12”-16” for men, 8”-12” for women
  • Poor – under 12” for men, under 8” for women

Factors affecting the test

Remember that many factors that can affect your vertical leap performance. You need to make sure to sleep at least eight hours before your test. Eat healthy food, and refrain from drinking too much alcohol or smoking. Weeks before your scheduled vertical jump test, make sure that you engage in exercises that strengthen your leg muscles. You can also work with a professional vertical jump trainer to make sure that you are ultimately ready for your test.

Other factors you need to watch out for are quarrels with loved ones, too much fatigue from social life, stress, and other negatives that can limit your abilities to jump higher.

You need to focus intensely on the vertical test jump measurement because the result will define your career. Be ready in both physical and emotional, and have the utmost confidence. Once you believe and trust in yourself, you can succeed. recommends Adam Folker's Vert Shock System to help you jump higher. Add 15 inches to your vertical jump now. Buy with confidence with their 90 day Money Back Guarantee!

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