How to Jump Higher to Dunk

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It is not easy to dunk higher until you practice it. To be good at ball games you need to make sure that you have maximum jump control. Beginners need to practice a lot to jump higher to dunk. You need to keep in mind two points to master the jump:

  • Maximum controlled vertical jump.
  • The sets of techniques used should be good.

If any of the two points is missing you will not be able to jump higher to dunk. Jumping higher to dunk requires a great set of skills so that a perfect leap can be executed. If jumping relies on strength and power only then bodybuilders who do power lifting can easily dunk as well. But in reality, they cannot.

Your mind is thinking about the following question – how to jump higher to dunk?

This article will discuss three ways through which you can jump higher to dunk and how you can attain maximum control on it.

One footed dunk

One footed dunk is mostly used by athletes and professionals to jump higher. One footed dunk is easy to learn if you know the basics. One footed jump is mostly used by players who are tall and strong because it is easy for them to lift themselves while jumping. It involves jumping off from one foot to attain maximum leap from the ground. You need to make sure that if you are performing a one-foot dunk, you know everything about it. A professional guidance would be a bonus. Otherwise, you have to face the consequences.


The only reason why athletes prefer to do one-foot dunk is that it helps them to jump higher. One footed dunk enables them to dodge any obstacle. This technique is comparatively easy to perform. One footed dunk not only makes you jump higher but it also helps you to jump long.


It requires great skills to perform this technique and it is a necessity to know everything about it beforehand. You must have complete control over your jumps to get the best result of one-footed dunk. It usually involves one hand only so it is necessary for you to have strong hands if you want to support your team. One footed dunk can be better performed by people with less weight because there is low pressure on the knees and ankles. For people with heavy weight face difficulty while performing this technique because a lot of pressure is imparted on the knees and ankles.

Two footed dunks

Two footed dunks are comparatively more complex than one footed dunk.Some people are god gifted and can perform this technique with ease while others need intense practice. It is usually preferred by muscular and strong athletes. Power of the athlete is the primary focus rather than bouncing. Standing position is perfect for athletes as they bend on their knees and unfold to generate power and make a higher dunk. This technique is therefore more difficult than one footed dunks. The energy and strength requirements are enormous.


Two footed dunk plays an important role in basketball. It helps the players to score from a short approach. This technique does not put much pressure on your knees and ankles reducing the chances of injury. Two footed dunks are considered as one of the effective techniques in basketball as it increases your performance.


The blocking chances are higher because you do not get a lot of time to play. Timing and precision are mandatory elements therefore the technique loses its effectiveness. Light weight people cannot generate much power so it is difficult for them to perform.


Alley-oop is another way by which you can jump higher to dunk. Mostly inexperienced athletes use this technique. Your jump timing is focused instead of the jump itself. Jumping higher to dunk requires perfect timing.


Attaining maximum height is the goal and you can achieve it by performing alley-oop. You need to achieve precision in timing to be a pro at it.


Teammates are important in this technique. You should not perform this alone.

Things to keep in mind before choosing any technique

These are just three techniques that you can adopt to get better jumps to dunk. Here are some points that you need to focus before choosing any of the above state techniques. If you analyze yourself in the following parameters, making a decision would be hassle free.

The weight of your body

The foremost thing you should consider is the weight of your body. One footed dunk is for the people with lesser bodyweight while heavy weights should choose two footed dunk. The reason for distinguishing the two is because of the pressure. One footed dunk requires lesser pressure on the knees and ankles making it easier for lightweight people to dunk. On the contrary, heavy weights should choose two footed dunks because it needs a lot of strength which lightweight people cannot exert.

You should know the type of your body

Now what does body type mean here? There are different types of players. Some are good at bouncing while some can be good on the ground. If you are the one who can bounce easily and perfectly, one footed jump would be a wise choice. For a muscular one, jumping might be a problem and ground contacts are stronger. In that case, you should prefer two footed jumps.

You age play a vital role

This sounds weird but your age is an important factor too. for young athletes, jumping is really easy and should be a priority too. be it one footed dunk or two footed, young men can easily perform both considering the weight and body type. The young ones have elasticity and bounciness in the tendons and joints. Any injury would recover at a faster pace. For athletes above 30, two footed dunks are better because there are low chances of getting injured.


One footed dunk or two footed dunk, which one is the best? This is most asked question and there is no specific answer. Every technique has its own strengths and weaknesses. You need to decide which one is the best for you. If you know the down sides of your playing methods, you can more easily choose the technique. recommends Adam Folker's Vert Shock System to help you jump higher. Add 15 inches to your vertical jump now. Buy with confidence with their 90 day Money Back Guarantee!

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