How to Jump Higher in Volleyball

How to Jump Higher in Volleyball

Athletes need to remain fit and active or else they cannot be outstanding in the game. Games like volleyball and basketball require players to possess high jump skills. Especially in the game of volleyball, a player must jump high or else he would not be able to score for his team. The ability of a high jump comes naturally to some players as they have the advantage of their height but for some, it comes with hard work. It takes time to develop a new skill because nothing comes overnight. There are several ways by which you can increase your vertical jump in volleyball such as strengthening your muscles by doing the workout. Jumping is considered as one of the lethal weapons in volleyball as it enables you to defend for your team. There are three ways to increase your jump and maximize your overall performance in the game which are

  • To build the essential muscles stronger.
  • Using plyometric to jump high.
  • Searching and working out on various techniques.

It is very necessary to learn some basics as well before you start training. There are four basic elements through which you can get a higher jump in volleyball. These four elements are speed, power, strength, and flexibility. Once you have trained your body for all these, a higher jump will be simple for you to achieve.

The question is – How to jump higher in volleyball? Let us find out through this informative post.

How to target essential muscles

The lower body plays an important part during the jump. If it is not trained well then you will not be able to jump high. A strong lower body enables you to generate power through which you can maximize your performance. Not only the lower body but your core muscles also play a major role in making you jump high. It is very essential to learn the role of each muscle before you start training so that you can plan it accordingly.

The Lower Body Training

Your lower body includes your leg muscles, it is very necessary to train your leg muscles and make them strong. This is because leg muscles provide an initial platform to help you jump high. If they are not trained properly then it would be difficult for you to score and defend your team. There are various exercises through which you can train your lower body. These include lunges, squats. You need to make sure that exercises that are included in your workout improve your overall strength.

The best way to increase your strength is through deadlift. It helps you to strengthen your lower back so that you can prevent major injuries while jumping. The deadlift also build muscles and improve your cardiovascular health as well.

Calves are also included in the lower body and it needs to be trained like other muscles. There is a huge misconception among people that calves do not play any role in jumping but it is not true. Calves help to absorb pressure during the jump and it provides motility to knee and ankle joints. One of the effective ways to build your calves is through calf raises. This exercise is specifically performed to strengthen your calves so that you can avoid major injuries related to the knee and ankle. Contrary to the popular belief, jumping is not all about building lower body and leg muscles because your core muscles also play an important part in it. A strong core muscle helps to transfer the energy from lower to the upper body.

Core muscles can be trained easily at home without weights. There are many exercises through which you can build your core muscles but crunches and leg raises are considered to be the most effective. Crunches mainly target your upper abdominal muscles whereas leg raises targets your lower muscles. No doubt building strong core muscles will help you to increase your jump.

Perform plyometric

Apart from building a strong lower body, it is very necessary to improve flexibility and agility in your body. It can be achieved by performing plyometric. Plyometric is a high-intensity workout that involves minimal weight and is mostly performed on body weight. Plyometric is a set of exercises that targets your overall body. An athlete who participates in volleyball needs to perform plyometric exercises at least 3 times a week. Plyometric exercises should be done with cardio and heavyweight workout. This would help to increase your overall strength and flexibility.

Volleyball is a game that heavily relies on reflexes, and jump ropes are an effective way to train them. Plyometric should be performed very carefully as you can hurt yourself while doing it. If you want to make your workout more intense you can add a weighted vest to your body. Plyometric should be done on bodyweight initially and then if required, you can add weight. The most common exercise of plyometric is box jumps which helps you to increase your vertical jump. It improves your muscles coordination with each other and helps you to avoid major injuries.

Working on different techniques

It is very important to work on your technique as well to increase your jump. A good technique will help you to maximize your performance and score for your team. Techniques can be changed and can be improved by practicing. Techniques involve footwork and timing of the jump. If any of the elements are missing it would be very difficult for a player to score. Arms also play an important role in making you jump high. The lower body provides the thrust where arms help to reach maximum height. It is very necessary to coordinate arms and lower body for a perfect jump.


Higher jump is mandatory in volleyball. It is not all about training and hard work you put on but a perfect jump also depends on your technique. You cannot neglect any of the elements or else you will not be able to jump high. You should make a healthy routine and provide enough time to the body so that it recovers from any pain due to the previous workout. If you are having some serious back pains etc. it is better to consult a doctor immediately. recommends Adam Folker's Vert Shock System to help you jump higher. Add 15 inches to your vertical jump now. Buy with confidence with their 90 day Money Back Guarantee!

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