How to Jump Higher in Netball

How to Jump Higher in Netball

It is necessary to have excellent jumping skills to maximize performance in netball. To increase vertical jump it is extremely vital to have a strong lower body or else you will not able to jump high. The lower body acts as a powerhouse for your jump and produces sufficient power which enables you to jump high.

The skill of jumping is required in games like netball, volleyball, and basketball. If an athlete does not have sufficient jumping skills then he will not able to perform well in the game. Jumping is a skill that is performed by athletes to gain extra height and momentum.

This skill does not develop overnight. It takes time but you should not lose hope. That is why it is being recommended to keep practicing until you jump higher and higher.

The question is – How to jump higher in netball? It is significant to keep track of your performance as it will help you to increase your jump.

Let us understand the tips and tricks to jump higher and be an improved performer in the netball game.

Muscles to Work On

One of the effective ways through which you can increase your vertical leap is by building your legs. It is very necessary to have strong legs to attain maximum height and prevent injuries. An athlete who has skinny and weak legs will not be able to jump high as compared to the one who has strong leg muscles.

Apart from legs, core muscles also play a major role in making you jump high. Core muscles help to transfer the energy from lower to the upper body which helps you to avoid injuries. There are several ways by which you can increase your vertical leap such as plyometric, power exercises.

It is very important to train your muscles regularly to excel in your performance. Hiring a personal trainer is mandatory as well who will guide you for the perfect workout.

Netball power exercises

Power is necessary for netball as it helps you to score and defend your team. Power training is included in your workout to help you to gain extra height during your jump. Power training not only increases your jump but it also makes your muscles strong and flexible. It can be performed on body weight and if needed you can use weights, cables, and ropes.

There is a huge misconception among people that power and strength training is similar. Power training relies more on weight and reps whereas strength training only depends on heavyweights. Power training helps you with running and sprinting during the game.

One of the best exercises for power training is medicine ball throws. It specifically targets your core muscles and your lower body. Medicine ball throws is an explosive workout that helps your lower body to generate power while you jump to give you maximum height.

For beginners, it is recommended to perform box jump as it involves your glutes, hamstring, and quads. The reason to include the box jump is that it helps your body adapt to different conditions. You can perform box jumps with low height but gradually you can increase the height to make your workout more intense. Power training is very important to add in your workout but you should not neglect other strengthbuilding workouts as well.

It is very necessary to perform dead lift, squats and lunges to add strength to your lower body so that it can help you to increase your jump. A healthy workout will give you maximum benefits. It will not just give you extra height but cardiovascular risks will be reduced to a great extent.

Exercises to make you jump higher

It is important to include those exercises in your workout which involve jumping and sprinting because netball is all about these two. Following are the exercises which you should add in your workout.

Double leg jumps

Double leg jumps is usually performed by beginners because it is an effortless exercise. Double leg jumps helps you to make your legs strong even if it is a low intensity workout. It is a bodyweight workout where you need to control your landing and jump as high as possible while swinging your arms will give you maximum height. Double leg jumps will not only prepare you for netball but they will also help you in other sports as well. It also reduces the fat level in your body by burning maximum calories. Double leg jumps would be a great addition to your workout as it will help you to improve in your jump.

Single leg jump

Single leg jumps involve only one leg at a time. It not only builds muscles but strengthens them as well. Single leg jump is a plyometric exercise that relies on your body weight. It helps you to build power in lower muscles so that you can jump high. Whether it is single, or double leg jumps both help your muscles to coordinate with each other. Muscles play an important role in increasing your jump; if you have weak muscles then you will not able to generate enough power.


To be able to jump high, your body should be flexible and that can only be attained through stretching. Stretching is usually done to make your muscles relax as it provides them better recovery time. Stretching is usually done before and after the workout which is called dynamic and static stretching respectively. It is very important to have a flexible body to increase your jump. Stretching also helps you to maintain the overall balance of your body. Many athletes do not focus on stretching which makes them prone to injuries. One of the most common exercises for stretching are leg raises, lying glute stretch, and standing quad stretch. All these exercises help you to release muscle tension.


Jumping is considered as one of the most important skills in netball and if a player does not jump well, his career might be in danger. It is very necessary to develop jumping skills and the only way you can achieve it is by performing different exercises. recommends Adam Folker's Vert Shock System to help you jump higher. Add 15 inches to your vertical jump now. Buy with confidence with their 90 day Money Back Guarantee!

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