How to Jump Higher in High Jump

How to Jump Higher in High Jump

People have always wondered what the secret behind high jumps is and how an athlete can leap at such a high level. To able to jump high it is necessary to learn 4 basic skills which are power, strength, flexibility, and speed. If any of the elements are missing then you would not able to perform a perfect jump. There is a chance that you most likely get in contact with the bar. The high jump is comprised of four basic parts which include your initial flight path, the point where you leap from the ground, the moment you are in the air, and landing.

Before you train to jump high it is very important to understand these 4 parts. Your approach to your flight path is being considered as one of the most vital parts as it provides the platform to your jump. For athletes who need to jump higher in high jump need to measure their reach and make sure that it is planned perfectly. The approach usually determines whether you will able to jump over the bar or not. Sometimes natural talent is not enough for high jumps. Natural talent will play its role on one side but you need to work out as well to make sure that you grasp all the 4 basic elements.

How to jump higher in high jump? We shall disclose the secret in this informative post.

The following tips will be helpful for you if followed before a high jump.

Lift your bottom

It is very important to lift your bottom during a high jump or else you will come in contact with the bar. It is not easy to lift bottom initially but continuous practice will help you master these skills. To be able to lift your bottom your body must be flexible. Athletes in high jump have a flexible body. This is because it helps them to sprint and jump over the bar without being in contact with it.

To improve flexibility of your body it is recommended to perform stretching. Stretching enables your joints to move freely and helps muscles to coordinate with each other. To successfully lift your bottom from the floor it is important to have speed. Also, your arms should be parallel to the floor when you leave the ground as it will give maximum leap.


You need to focus on your jump and do not worry about what is happening in the surrounding. This helps you to fully concentrate on your jump. Before a jump, you should visualize and get prepared for your jump. One of the best ways to become good at visualization is finding a quiet place for yourself and then focus on areas where you can improve. This is how you can better evaluate yourself.

The last steps

Before getting off from the floor it is very important to execute your last steps perfectly as they will determine whether you can jump over the bar or not. It is very necessary to coordinate the last three steps properly as this technique can be learned through practice only. It is very important to get your body away from the bar when you jump. To able to do this many jumpers follow the Fosbury flop technique. This technique involves rolling over your body over the bar so that you cannot get in touch with it. Fosbury technique is widely used by athletes all over the world. This technique helps you transfer the power so that you can leap into the air.


One of the very common practices used by athletes all around the world during the jump is they look above the bar when they jump. This helps them to focus which enables them to jump high. If you look below or at the bar you will not be able to jump high and all of your hard work will be useless. A good focus is helpful in higher jumps in high jump.

High jump training at home

People living in remote areas do not have access to physical equipment which can help them to train high jump and they complain about it. To train your jumping skills in high jump it is not necessary to lift heavy weights and you can still practice it by bodyweight exercises. Also for beginners if they want to learn they need to perform the following exercises which will help them to improve their speed, agility, stamina and most important flexibility in their body.

Start jogging

This is the very first step to train for a high jump. The first thing which you need to consider is to make your body adaptable with different conditions. You can start by jogging twice a week as it will help you to train better.

Short sprints

Short sprints for 10-15 seconds can help you to improve your stamina in your body. Also, in the high jump, you need to run fast so that you can jump high. You can improve your sprinting by reducing the fat level in your body. Also, plyometric helps you to increase your speed and balance in your body.


There is a very common misconception among people that skipping does not increase your jump. Skipping not only helps you to improve cardiovascular health but also helps you to jump high. If you want to increase your vertical jump it is very necessary to include skipping in your workout. Skipping involves the same muscles as a jump does such as calves, quadriceps, and hamstrings.


To improve flexibility in your body it is important to perform stretching. This includes static and dynamic stretching. Dynamic stretching is performed before the workout to warm up your muscles whereas static stretching is being performed after the workout to relax muscles. Stretching your muscles enables you to gain extra height during the jump. Stretching should be performed around 30 minutes every day.


High jump is one of the difficult sports out there and it is even harder to execute a perfect jump in it. To able to jump high it is very necessary to have strong muscles which can help you to become a pro at the game. Also, you should learn the basics skills of the high jump to maximize your performance. recommends Adam Folker's Vert Shock System to help you jump higher. Add 15 inches to your vertical jump now. Buy with confidence with their 90 day Money Back Guarantee!

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