How to Increase Vertical Jump

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A vertical jump seems to be very difficult but with proper guidance and continuous practice, it becomes easier. For the perfect jump, attaining extensive information is most important. Without any knowledge or guidance, you might end up getting hurt badly. The most asked question is “how to increase the vertical jump?” The simple answer is training regularly. Athletes need the best vertical jump because they need a good score. Your jump is solely dependent on the lower back and strengthening it will increase your jumps. Some exercise, a good exercise, and consistency are needed and you will have the best and increased vertical jump.

What exercises should be performed to attain the maximum jump

There are numerous exercises for the lower back area but some special exercises are there to strengthen the body parts and keep them energetic. These exercises help you to build your muscle strength, stamina, and agility. As they say, “Practice makes a man perfect” so you have to work until you achieve the perfect vertical jump.Here is a list of exercises that can be added in the daily routine.

Plyometric exercises

These exercises build up the strength and speed. Better muscle coordination and improved performance are the outcomes of performing plyometric exercises. The set of exercises include hops, jumps, and bounding movements. All these exercises include contracting and expanding your muscle which is sometimes a high-intensity workout. Jumping off the box is most commonly observed. You have to bend and jump off the box and jump back onto it. it is a risky exercise so a professional guidance is mandatory for beginners.

Safety tips regarding Plyometric exercise:

There is a huge risk involved if you are performing the plyometric exercises. Your ankles have to bear all the pressure so ankle injuries are possible. Following safety measure must be kept in mind while performing plyometric exercises:

  • This exercise should only be performed under professional supervision.
  • You should make sure that your leg is strong enough to bear sufficient pressure.
  • Warm-up is one of the key tips you should keep in mind. Always warm up your body before performing any exercise.
  • If you are new to Plyometric exercise make sure that you practice small jumps first and then train for high jumps.
  • If you feel pain in your body or especially in your legs, you should not just quit but consult a doctor right away.


An easy way to build leg strength and power is squats. You can train the entire lower body at once. Therefore it is the most effective exercise. it requires a lot of strength and energy to perform but if you are consistent, performing squats will become easier and fun.

Safety tips regarding squats:

There are several common mistakes which people do while performing squats but people need to realize that the mistakes should be avoided to get the maximum benefit. There are different kinds of squats but you need to choose the best for you. A professional trainer can help you with that.

  • For the people who are new to exercises especially squats need a professional with them because there are greater chances of injuries if performed without any guidance.
  • If you feel intense pain during the exercise in your joints, please consult a physician to know the problem. Maybe the exercise is not good for you.
  • You need to make sure that the angle is correct while performing squats. Any angle problem will not result well for you.


The lower body is one of the hardest parts to train. For the people who want to increase their jump need to make sure that they include lunges in their workout. Lunges help you to improve your balance, strength, and power. Balance is necessary for higher vertical jumps and lunges can help you with that. Just be sure that you perform the exercise under professional supervision.

Is there another way to increase vertical jump?

You might be thinking of finding another way for better jumps but that is not possible. The only way to get higher vertical jumps is exercise. The lower body training on a daily basis will help achieve the vertical jumps you dream of. Nothing is impossible. All you need is a good workout routine for your lower back and you will get what you want. The purpose of stressing on the lower back is to highlight the importance it has in vertical jumps.

Are there any other exercises for the lower back strength?

Yes, there are a number of other exercises that can help you with the lower back. Some of these names might come in handy:


Lie on the ground and keep a hip width difference between the legs. Bend the legs and pull yourself up until you are straight from shoulders to the knees. 3 sets with 12 reps each would be perfect even for a beginner. Your complete lower body is in action and after two months with consistency, you will feel a major difference.


There are different types of stretches like knee to chest stretches and rotational stretches. Both have the same purpose i.e. lower body strength and stability.

Knee to chest stretches:

You lie on the floor and bend one of your legs completely. Bring the bent knee towards the chest as close as possible. Wait for wait minutes and relax. Repeat it with the other leg. 6-7 reps in 2 sets would be good.

Rotational stretches:

Lie on the floor and bend the knees keeping feet flat on the ground. Now roll yourself to either right or left from the waist. Repeat on either side. 6-7 reps in 2 sets would be good.


It requires a lot of hard work in improving your jump. Perform any rigorous exercise under professional guidance. For an increased vertical jump you must have a strong body to sustain any pressure. You should train your lower body every week to be on the right path. To attain maximum jump you need to be consistent and train hard every single day. recommends Adam Folker's Vert Shock System to help you jump higher. Add 15 inches to your vertical jump now. Buy with confidence with their 90 day Money Back Guarantee!

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