Can Squats Increase Your Vertical Jump?

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Your interest in the enhancement of your vertical jump could possibly stem from the fact that you are an athlete, or a sport enthusiast, or simply someone who is fascinated with vertical leap. Whatever your reasons are, you can definitely gain a lot from incorporating squat exercises into your fitness routine. But, since there are so many different leg exercises in the world, you can’t help but wonder: Can squats increase your vertical jump? And the answer is a big fat yes.

The different type of squats

Squat exercises come in many forms. Depending on your preference and capability, the following are the most popular squat workouts that are loved by athletes in different sport fields.

  • Regular squats
  • Wall squats
  • Uneven squats
  • Prisoner squats
  • Monkey squats
  • Sumo squats
  • Single leg squats
  • Frog squats
  • Jumping jack squats

In performing squat exercises, you need to be equipped with the common equipment such as dumbbells, weight vest, water bottles, and towel.

Front squats versus back squats

There are different squat workouts to choose from, but no matter how their numbers grow, they will always be categorized as either a back squat or a front squat. There are benefits in indulging in both kinds of squat exercises, but they also differ in some aspects. But, at the end of the day, performing a back squat or a front squat will always be excellent to improve your vertical jump.

Similar benefits of front and back squats

  • Improvement in lean muscle mass
  • Promotes good metabolism
  • Increased capacity in workload
  • Higher energy level
  • Good night’s sleep
  • Reduces body fat
  • Increase in the levels of endorphins
  • Improves density in bones
  • Strengthens the connective tissue
  • Increase power and height in vertical jumps

Benefits of back squats alone

  • Back squat allows an athlete to carry the heaviest weight
  • It is easier to study
  • Absence of special equipment
  • Uses lesser weight

Benefits of front squats only

  • Focuses on the quads and is great for 2-foot leaps
  • Reduced compression on the spine
  • Perfect for core strength growth
  • Though it is difficult at first to grasp the bar, it is easy to learn as time passes

Box squats versus safety bar squats

Either you perform a front squat or a back squat, you would need to utilize two important tools. You can choose to use a box or a platform to perform your squat exercises, or you can utilize a safety bar. Let us look at the differences in choosing to use either one.

Box squats

  • Easy on the knees
  • Involves the hip and glutes
  • Increase in development of explosive power
  • Uses less weight compared to back squats
  • Perfect for core strength progression
  • Consistency in depth while squatting
  • Easiest to learn in all squat techniques

Safety bar squats

  • Very comfortable to execute
  • Extensive quad involvement
  • Great option for those with problems on their shoulders
  • Uses less weight than back squat
  • Perfect for developing core power

General benefits of squat jumps

Squat exercises are most commonly used by athletes who aspire to perfect their vertical jump. And if you are one of those who are utterly committed to execute an excellent vertical leap, then you are in luck because squat jumps offer many benefits in general.

  • Stronger muscles – squats aids in building stronger leg muscles, which you need to execute an exceptional vertical jump.
  • Burns fat – you simply cannot perform an outstanding vertical leap if you have extra fat in your body. Squats help you burn more calories so you can get rid of unwanted fat.
  • Stability and balance – as you age, your leg muscles grow weaker. By squat jumping, you can prevent the deterioration of your muscles and maintain stability and balance in your body as you execute a vertical jump.
  • Injury prevention – squat workouts helps you gain a stronger body, and thus allows you to stay away from injuries. Without physical injury, you can perform your vertical leap properly.
  • Boost your career – by regularly participating in squat exercises, your body gets used to jumping. And when you have strong muscles and body for a perfect vertical jump, your career blossoms.
  • Tones entire body – you won’t be able to perform vertical jumps if you are sick with a medical disease. Your career can end if you have diabetes, heart disease, obesity, or hypertension. In order to avoid acquiring harmful diseases, you should engage in jump squat exercises. This is because squats functions to build stronger muscles in your body that are essential for the proper regulation of glucose, lipid metabolism, and insulin sensitivity.
  • Waste removal–squats promotes the proper circulation of the fluids in your body. The fluids actually ensure that you can remove bodily waste properly, and efficiently provide nutrients to your glands, organs, and tissues. And when your insides are working great, you can execute vertical jumps excellently.

Squat evolution

Take it easy when you start squat workouts. Don’t push yourself too hard. Give time for yourself to get used to certain squat levels before you move on and engage in more complex squat positions. You wouldn’t want to cause injury to your body in the process of perfecting your vertical leap.

Concluding Thoughts

Performing squat exercises together with your regular fitness training regimen is a great way to help you achieve the perfect vertical jump. However, you must consult a professional trainer or coach before you go ahead and execute this kind of exercise. You must understand that squats have correct positioning and rules to follow when executed. You simply cannot just squat in whatever position you want. Take note that no matter how many squats you do in a day, if you are doing them wrong, nothing will change in your body and performance. You only end up wasting precious time. And so seek out the advice of a professional and measure your capabilities and strength first before you take part of the squat exercises. After all, it is always better to be a hundred percent sure of what you are getting yourself into. recommends Adam Folker's Vert Shock System to help you jump higher. Add 15 inches to your vertical jump now. Buy with confidence with their 90 day Money Back Guarantee!

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