Can I Learn How to Dunk a Basketball in 2 Weeks?

Can I Learn How to Dunk a Basketball in 2 Weeks?

Executing a dunk in a basketball game is an achievement that every ball player is proud of. If you can talk to all famous basketball players, they will surely tell you that it took them months, even years to perfect their vertical jump that allows them to dunk a basketball excellently. And base on that fact, you wonder “can I learn how to dunk a basketball in 2 weeks?”

Factors that affect your ability to learn how to dunk in 2 weeks

The urgency of your need to learn in a small window of time may be triggered by different reasons. It could be that you have an upcoming basketball game on short notice, or you have been instantly drafted to join a basketball team, or it could be as romantic as making a statement to the girl you like who loves basketball. Whatever your reasons are, the answer to your question is not an easy “yes”, but a yes all the same.

Basketball experience

Learning how to dunk in a short time can be done if you have at least basic knowledge and experience in playing basketball. And so yes, you can dunk a basketball in two weeks if you know how to play the game. It is more challenging if you have never played basketball in the past, since you would need to learn all the rules overnight, then practice playing basketball, and then learn how to dunk properly. Though the time is very sensitive, it is still possible to learn how to dunk in just two weeks if you are very persistent and you devote all your waking hours to learning the game.

Leg exercises

If you are a basketball player, your regular leg exercises plays a huge role in your quest to learn how to dunk in two weeks. You may have tried but failed in the past, but if you have been training to strengthen your leg muscles, then dunking a basketball will not be hard to learn in a short time.

Vertical jump training

Engaging in vertical jump training is a great way to become abundantly confident that you can execute a dunk in just two weeks. Your training has prepared you for it, and you can definitely learn the tricks if you are willing enough.

Are you capable of performing a dunk?

Planning to perform a dunk in two weeks’ time is hard but not impossible. However, you have to assess your body first before you set out your goals. You need to be physically fit and healthy in order to execute a dunk. Having extra fat is not going to help. You should drink a lot of protein shakes and drinks to be in shape, and your training to dunk a basketball very soon can be realized.

Methods to dunk a basketball in two weeks only

The fastest and most effective way to dunk a basketball perfectly is to correct your vertical jump mistakes. Truth be told, you are not performing your vertical leap properly, that is why you are now pressured to learn the craft in 14 days. It is crucial for you to understand your mistakes and learn how to correct them. Learning how to dunk in two weeks is made easier and plausible with the right vertical jump techniques.

  • No to stutter stepping – this is a huge mistake in performing a dunk. Stutter stepping leads to deceleration and it is restricting you from making good repetition.
  • No to deceleration – when you are approaching a dunk moment, deceleration or slowing down is not helping you manage your maximum controlled velocity. Make sure that you accelerate your speed before the vertical jump happens to provide extra force into your dunk.
  • No to over-forward leaning – it is a big mistake is to lean heavily forward when you position your body for a dunk. Leaning forward breaks your jump height since your upper torso is facing forward instead of preparing for a vertical jump.

How to fix your vertical leap mistake

When you fix your vertical jump mistakes, you will have better chances of learning how to perfectly execute a basketball dunk in a couple of days.

  • Run and jump with dorsiflexion – point your basketball shoes to your sheen to accomplish a great run and dunk. Running using the balls of your feet helps you gain more speed and jump higher.
  • Chest up – make sure that you have an upright upper body so you can control your running and jump momentum vertically, instead of horizontally. The trick to perform this better is to look at the upper ramp while you run to keep your chest up. Always keep a tall and vertical body positioning while you run and jump to perform an outstanding dunk.
  • Accelerate – speed up when you are approaching a dunk. You need more power and speed to execute an excellent basketball dunk.

Hire a professional trainer

DIY is a popular custom in the world for years, but in your situation, doing training by yourself will not help you learn how to dunk a basketball in your short timeframe. You should consider hiring a professional vertical workout trainer in order to speed up your learning. Remember that you only have two weeks to practice your dunk. Spend that time with someone who is an expert in this field. You may need to spend more money, but at least you have a huge fighting chance to achieve your goal.

Concluding Thoughts

There is nothing that you cannot achieve in your basketball career or hobby as long as you are extremely determined and passionate about your craft. With utmost dedication and confidence in your true potential, you can learn to perform a basketball dunk in even less than two weeks. Never allow pessimism to creep into your mind, and always believe that you can execute a perfect vertical jump dunk. Always be optimistic that you can reach what others have failed to do. recommends Adam Folker's Vert Shock System to help you jump higher. Add 15 inches to your vertical jump now. Buy with confidence with their 90 day Money Back Guarantee!