How do you train to jump higher?

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Being able to jump higher is something that many people desire, especially athletes. This is because being able to jump higher is not only very cool, but it also can be extremely helpful for many sports, such as basketball and soccer. If you have never tried to train yourself to jump higher, then you may be surprised at just how effective training can be for this goal. Here are some exercises you can add to your training to help you jump higher.

1. The jump squat

If you are going to jump higher, then you are going to need stronger legs. One of the best ways to increase your vertical leap is to add jump squats to your training regimen. Jump squats are similar to regular squats in that they involve you standing with your feet shoulder length apart. However, whereas with a regular squat you don’t jump after you bend your knees and dip your body, with a jump squat, you do. When you land after you have squatted and jumped, you want to instantly transition back to the squatting position, then you begin the next rep. This exercise will help to strengthen your legs, your glutes, and your core, all of which can help you to jump higher. You can do jump squats in 3 sets of ten.

2. The depth jump

Depth jumps are a very interesting exercise which uses specific scientific principles to help you boost your jump height. To perform a depth jump, you must first start out by standing on a platform that is roughly 1 – 2 feet high. The height should be around the current limit of your vertical leap. After you are standing on this surface, whether it’s a box, a bench, etc, you will then need to jump off of it, and then immediately jump again when you hit the ground. The benefit of doing this exercise is that it allows your body to learn how to properly use and maintain elastic energy. This makes it easier for your body to jump higher after you do these workouts regularly for some time. To begin with, you can perform 4-8 reps in a set, and start with just 2 sets.

3. The calf raise

Calf raises are a type of exercise that is performed by standing on a surface, and hanging your heels over the edge. You can do this on a step, a bench, a box etc. The way that you perform the exercise is by allowing the weight of your body to lower your heels over the surface, then you use your calves to raise your body so that you are standing on your toes. Then, you slowly lower your body back down and repeat. The primary benefit of calf raises is that they dramatically increase calf strength if you do them regularly, and calves are one of the most important muscles for jumping. You can begin with 10-15 reps and three sets.


If you can jump higher, then it can have a major positive impact on your athletic performance. Having stronger leg muscles can also help you to be healthier and more fit over all. When it comes to increasing vertical leap height and strengthening your legs, few exercises are better than the ones listed above.

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